Coaching is the best gift you'll ever give yourself.  

As Eric Schmidt (CEO Google) and Bill Gates said in a recent TedTalk, "everyone needs a coach.  We all need feedback.  It's the only way we improve."  

I know, firsthand, that coaching can lead to improved clarity, increased confidence and career success.  I know because I have a coach.  It's the best investment in myself I've ever made.  My clients say it's the best investment they've made in themselves as well. Whether you come to coaching as an individual or as part of a corporate program, here's what you can gain. 

Individual Coaching

Most of my clients are accomplished leaders who find they now need help steering through career transitions like promotions, organizational realignments and industry changes.  Sometimes they want to increase their effectiveness by moving from urgent tactics to a more strategic response, by navigating organizational politics, or by building high performance teams.  

The issues, paths and outcomes of coaching can vary from person to person; my approach is straightforward and pragmatic.  We identify what is working now, outline what an inspired future looks like, address obstacles that might be in the way and move toward concrete, operational goals.  I use an integrated approach so you learn to meld your professional and personal lives into one.  Most individual coaching contracts are six to nine months in duration.

It sounds simple, and it is, but it isn't easy.  Recognizing a compelling reason to change and acting on heightened self-awareness can be tough.  That's why we do it together. Your job is to bring the issue, the strengths, the challenges and the engagement.  My job is to provide perspective, hold you accountable, and move you forward.  You own the content; I own the process.  A great team!  

corporate coaching

Corporate coaching provides all the benefits of individual coaching noted above and is generally provided to all leaders of your team.  Corporate coaching offers additional points of reference including multiple feedback assessments, 360 reviews and stakeholder interviews.  The outcome is improved communications and performance for individual leaders and for the team as a whole.  Corporate coaching contracts are typically nine to twelve months in duration.