sample client testimonials

"Our work together provided an almost immediate shift in how my clients and staff respond to me. I didn’t realize I was being unintentionally argumentative in conversations.  I thought I was ‘clarifying.’  Now I realize it can be quite difficult to see things clearly when you’re in the middle.  Your insightful questions and coaching process got me back on track."   Partner, national accounting firm

"In the past, I have felt least comfortable with and most confused about my career. I’ve had a hard time identifying my professional strengths, how to focus my interests, and how to maximize both my potential and my general, overall happiness. These three questions seemed closely intertwined, and I didn’t know how or where to begin answering them.  Thank you for helping me find clarity."     Attorney, international trade organization

"Suzanne has been a great resource to me and, through her coaching, to my team and colleagues as well.  I highly recommend her for any future executive coaching opportunities.  By working with her, I have been able to enhance my leadership presence and better use my ‘super powers’.   The unsolicited, positive feedback I’ve received from colleagues and board members has been gratifying and validates my own personal assessment of the value I have  received from Suzanne's coaching."   Senior Director, international financial services firm

"Suzanne guided me through a methodical and thought-provoking process that enabled me to explore possibilities for a career transition.  She created a safe, caring and supportive environment in which I felt comfortable in responding to challenging questions, completing meaningful and results-oriented thought exercises and exploring the "unknown."  I appreciated Suzanne's own executive leadership experience in a global firm - it enabled her to immediately identify and understand my situation and provide coaching that was spot on.  My ROI?  I am now confident in my career choice and committed to exceeding my professional goals."   Senior Director, global consulting firm

"Thanks to our work together, I am so much more calm both with my staff and with my clients.  I now recognize that I carry 'life' around more than I initially thought, including into the board room.  Our work has helped me find balance."  CEO, public relations firm

"I am MUCH more aware of my influence on the direction and tone of communications.  I now ask myself, regularly, what my overall objective is, and I have more ability to be purposeful in my words rather than to let an emotion lead the conversation.  My effectiveness with my clients (and with my team) is dramatically better."   Managing partner, architectural firm

"I wanted to thank you for the way you use humor in our coaching sessions.  I felt at ease with you immediately and your challenging questions are both kind and insightful.  I found you to be very relaxed and easy to relate to which helped me be more open.  I look forward to continuing our work."         VP Talent, health insurance company

"Suzanne has made what might have been a very difficult process, enlightening.  She is very articulate and does a wonderful job of balancing challenge with affirmation.  She is thoughtful and direct and always very respectful but perhaps her greatest gift is the ease with which she holds me accountable. "         CFO, regional consulting firm

"Suzanne is the top of our list for executive coaches.  Her coaching process, transparency, and inclusion keep all of us focused on the success of our leaders working with her.  In particular I appreciate her documented measures of success and clarity around all our roles.  She is a pleasure to work with!"  Learning & Development Director, international brokerage firm

"Suzanne asks really good questions and is also very persistent in keeping me on track toward my goal.  Even when I avoid answering, Suzanne helps me dig deeper.  Most effective for me since I’m not used to self-reflection or putting my needs above others’. And, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a Southern woman like me!  Thank you so much for my new found voice!"                                                               Director, regional non-profit organization

"Suzanne provides honest and unbiased feedback in our coaching.  I most value the fact that she does not tell me what I want to hear but provides a structure so I come to my own answers.  I’ve learned coaching isn't about her solving my problems or telling me how to do it, but helping me see I already know the answers.  Our work has given me renewed confidence and a fresh approach to my issue(s).  Thank you!"  Senior Manager, consulting firm

"I am so impressed with how effective a coach Suzanne is.  Her listening and question-asking abilities are just terrific.  I feel she is a “natural” coach and I appreciate being at ease so quickly in our relationship.  I look forward to continuing our good work together."    SVP, international manufacturing company