What do women leaders want?  

They want tools to promote themselves, networks for finding opportunities and inspiration to pursue the next steps.

I create and deliver programs and workshops designed to help organizations recruit, retain and develop women leaders.


Programs can be broad-based or specific.  For example, creating a mentoring/coaching environment or establishing a “women’s initiative” is an excellent way to open communications between senior management and women at all levels of the organization.  And, specific skills programs can ensure an organization’s pipeline is filled with women better prepared for leadership positions.     

I led an award-winning women’s leadership program at Deloitte for my group of more than 5,000 in 90 offices across the U.S.  I organized local committees to understand their specific needs and represent them to the national leadership board.  Our efforts, reported to the executive level, included performance metrics around hiring, promotion, retention, and recommendations for improvement.  The result was a series of programs designed to maximize the hiring and retention of women and prepare them for leadership positions in the firm.


Workshops are customized to meet the specific needs and goals of client organizations.  Most workshops are two to three hours in length and focus on improving understanding and communications within teams and building brand alignment between individuals and their employers.   They feature hands-on instruction, in-depth coverage of topics, and practical tools for immediate implementation.   Examples of workshop topics include: 

  • Building your personal brand
  • Priority management
  • Establishing reputation through community involvement
  • Mentorship
  • Creating and leveraging your business network
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Impactful communications – writing, email, social media